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According to the Department for Education the number of students registered as electing for Home Education with councils in England increased by 25% in 2019, which continues the recent increasing trend.  

There are many reasons why parents or guardians choose Elective Home Education, including:

  • Dissatisfaction with the school system
  • Distance to a local school
  • Bullying
  • Absence from school due to illness or Special Educational Needs
  • Short term intervention
  • Religious or Cultural beliefs
  • Ideological or philosophical views 

At Support Learning we can tailor Home Education Support to the individual, whether simple support with a curriculum is required, access to learning resources or full support with lessons and guided work.

Lessons can be scheduled to suit yours and your child’s requirements. Lessons can also be mixed and matched in different subjects, providing a range of education across the curriculum.

How Support Learning provide the best opportunities for success

Through our online Virtual Learning Environment we can provide access to real time live lessons in a small group environment, previously recorded sessions for help with homework & revision as well as learning resources for self study and revision material & techniques.  This material is available 24 hours a day so work can be completed when it is convenient. 

All teachers are experienced and fully qualified specialists in their subjects. Teachers deliver live lessons and are available to offer support with the provided homeschooling resources or any questions the student may have. 

Support Learning offer homeschool support for Primary, Secondary and A Level students across a multitude of subjects.  Support can be given in individual subjects, or a full school curriculum as required.

Parents & Guardians can be kept up to date with student progress at any time rather than waiting for scheduled Parents Evening appointments, meaning progress updates can be given and any concerns resolved in real time.

The reasons parents and guardians choose Elective Home Education differ from child to child, which is why at Support Learning we aim to tailor our support specific to the student and family.

Whether you are looking for simple curriculum support, access to learning resources or full access to our VLE with live lessons, at Support Learning we can tailor make a package that suits the needs of the individual.  Please get in touch to discuss the best options for your child.

Experienced, fully qualified teachers who are DBS checked.

Please feel free to call or email to enquire about courses and prices.